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Midwifery Care
The midwife of Rising Sun Midwifery attends to you with full prenatal and postpartum care package including the plan of delivering at home. Some childbirth ed is included. Planning a homebirth does not guarantee a homebirth.

Birth Tub Rentals
The midwife delivers and removes the birth tub from your birth location, inflatable and hard-sided tubs are available.

Childbirth Education
Enjoy learning more about pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum topics in a comfortable setting with other new parents. The midwife teaches a 4-class group series 2-3 times per year, or privately on demand.

Placenta Preparation
We will dry and process your placenta for consumption according to safe food handling standards.  Raw and Chinese Herbal style encapsulation, or freezing for consumption, are available.

Other fees (not included in care)
Birth kit and supplies
Lab and ultrasound fees
Any hospital or additional care provider fees
Contact Jamie at 916-203-8457 -
We are no longer offering midwifery services. Please contact a midwife in your community.