Jamie Crockett, LM, CPM is an East Coast native, having fallen in love and lived in the west for over 15 years. She is married and has one daughter who was born at home on a ranch in Colorado. She felt the call of midwifery in 2001, and after years of apprenticeship with several excellent and experienced midwives in both homebirth and birth center settings, Jamie received licenses to practice midwifery in California and New Mexico in 2016.  She is devoted to serving and caring for women and families during this life-changing and empowering time of their lives.
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What is midwifery care like?
Prenatal: During pregnancy we visit for an hour every month until 28 weeks gestation, every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks gestation, and weekly after 36 weeks until labor. We have one home visit at 36 or 37 weeks.  We spend our hour-long appointments getting acquainted, addressing any problems or concerns you may have, and doing some childbirth education. The standard tests and screens of pregnancy are available should you choose to have them. 

Labor and Birth: The midwife is available during early labor by phone, text, or to come support you at your home. She stays with you through labor as you need or desire - she supports your homebirth by monitoring you and the baby, and provides immediate postpartum care to you both as needed. She carries with her herbs, any necessary drugs, and stays current in the applicable resuscitation methods. If she feels (or you desire) for any reason that a hospital birth is necessary during any point of your labor she will accompany you to the hospital and will stay until after the baby is born. 

A birth tub can be rented for an additional fee.  Placenta encapsulation is also available for an additional fee.  Taking placenta capsules during the postpartum time is believed to improve mood and milk supply.

Postpartum: Regardless of your location of birth, she follows up with at least 4 postpartum visits - days 1 and 4 at your home; two weeks and six weeks at her office.  The midwife provides breastfeeding support and referrals until 6 weeks after the birth.  

Contact Jamie at 916-203-8457 - midwifejc@gmail.com
We are no longer offering midwifery services. Please contact a midwife in your community.