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Welcome to the dawn of motherhood. 
With the greatest respect for the process of pregnancy and childbirth, we partner with you for the best health for you and your baby.  

We offer midwife attended homebirth in Silver City and all of Grant County, New Mexico. We believe in your body’s ability and are by your side to nurture the growth of your family during this precious time.​
You are pursuing a nurturing and supportive environment for your health care choices during this life-changing time. Your choice to receive pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum care from a midwife is tremendously respected. The midwife of Rising Sun Midwifery is available to support you in making this choice, and will be by your side to support your and your baby’s health.  We offer free consultations so you can explore all of your options.

The practice of midwifery is the practice of supporting women in their own health care choices. We practice midwifery by providing the information you need to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy and birth experience. The midwife is available to you prior to conception, during prenatal care, labor and birth, and through the postpartum time.  We provide nutritional and physical support during pregnancy, monitor you and the baby during labor and birth for safety, emotional support throughout labor, and breastfeeding support in the postpartum time.  Rising Sun Midwifery is open to all types of families.  

We are no longer offering midwifery services. Please contact a midwife in your community.